Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Around the Twitterverse in 140 mph or less (do people still say Twitterverse and what about World Wide Web?)

1. The Onion is posting a lot of boring not so funny stories today (ex. lame story about app that keeps drunk people from posting on social media)

2. The Honduras Beauty Queen murdered by boyfriend. Don't go South of the border...just don't go.

3. Wired dot com is trying to "distort" your mind by publishing a piece about how "your political views distort your thinking". Of course they do. That is why being political is like punching a brick wall: it's pointless and stupid.

4. There may be a movie coming out about Stevie B.

5. If you're buying chicken burritos before noon no dancing is allowed unless it is to La Cucaracha, I say so.

6. Patrick Stewart aka Captain Picard is ashamed of being a bully. I'm anti-bullying, still pro-lying but only as long as you tell the truth when you lie.

7. Women, if your jeans sag in the ass but are tight in the legs, what tha f**k is going on there? Guys who do this get no loving. Expect the same.

8. 1984(?) Thanksgiving story: Aunt and uncle and kids leave early. Uncle stops at door and curses out Grandparents. I learn two new colorful words that day.

9. Simian Mobile Disco released a boring documentary about their new album Whorl. Good news, they're still on the album producing wagon unlike those hacks named Royksopp.

10. If I post 2 posts every 2 hours of the day and each post takes me 1-2 minutes to post and edit, I've spent less than one hour on the web that day. That is not that bad considering.

P.S. I'm just pissed Royksopp thinks not making new albums is the wave of the future. Yeah and Disco isn't dead.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Lyrics for "Prayer Bells For Heaven" by John Bowman

[I'm sharing this for Dad who became so frustrated looking for the lyrics that he broke down and asked me for help and for anyone else who goes online looking for the lyrics to this song and hits a brickwall. Of course you could do like I just did, listen to the song and type them up yourself, but and I just did the work so you don't have to. There's only one lyric that I couldn't make out. Other than that it's all accurate]



When I woke up this morning
And saw ahead
I couldn't see the sunshine
I walked in fear and dread
And I can’t see tomorrow
For the clouds are in my way
Soon the trials will be over
And these burdens will be gone
And I will walk in Sunshine
Happy as I go home

I know God holds my future
But I can’t see that far away
But If I could hear from heaven
I would make it one more day
When I hear from my old friends
They touch my broken heart
Then again they are only huiman
But at least they do their part
They have their own burdens
And like me they go astray
But if I could hear from Heaven
I could make it one day

For the clouds are in my way
Soon the trials will be over
And these burdens will be gone
And I will walk in Sunshine
Happy as I go home
I know God holds my future
But I can’t see that far away
But If I could hear from heaven
I would make it one more day

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Elm Street DALLAS, TX

4 photos I took while passing through Downtown Dallas Memorial Day.   

Friday, May 23, 2014


The Winnie Dog
by w. walkr

What I find so strange about living with dogs: somehow knowing exactly what they want. It's like they got mind-control or something. I can look at Rex or Winnie and know if they are thirsty, hungry, need to poop, or know something is about to come through the door before I ever suspect a thing.

When I see them perk up or look a certain direction, I stop and concentrate on our surroundings. And it's rare that it's for nothing.

What I find amazing about dogs: how little they actually have to say. We must appear to them like noisy giants who always have to be opening our mouths and making sounds constantly in order to get our point across. It makes complaining about them barking really stupid. They bark for a reason.

When you know the dog, you unknowingly learn their barks and their looks.

I'm not sold on the idea that dogs love unconditionally. No, they don't love unconditionally. They have conditions. The list is pretty small though. That's what I find great about dogs.

Not like they care if you remember their birthday, whether you buy them this thing or that or take them out to eat, They don't care what kinda car you drive, how much money you make, how you dress, or what your religious or political views are.

"Take care of my basic needs and I'll do my best to take care of you as best I know how." I think that is their whole philosophy on life.

They can be mean little shits, and those that bite need to be dealt with: trained better, muzzled or put down.

All in all, I love dogs. I love people more (dogs don't compare), but dogs still rock. Could learn some things from them, like how to STFU.